Back-end Developer

Hello! I'm Minji Park, a steadily growing developer. When I am interested in anything, I try to learn and do my best to finish the given task successfully.


Kurly Inc.

2022.02 - Present
Industry-University Collaboration Undergraduate Researcher

Improvement of workers' human traffic in the food distribution center through positioning indoor Wi-Fi

Start-up support program SPARK 9th

2021.10 - 2021.12
'Dev-dreamers', Back-end Developer

A team building site that gathers people to participate in a contest or a work on a project

Industry-University Collaboration Project

2021.12 - 2022.02
'Add', Back-end Developer

Idea funding platform where users can share their good ideas and get feedback from other


Name Type Position Duration
System Consultant Group Student organization Vice-president 2021-present
Specialized Major Ambassador Software Alimi Student organization Vice-president 2021-2022
College of Computing and Informatics Software Student Press Student organization Member 2021-2022
Naver Let's play Software Extracurricular Activity Mentor 2021-2022
Samsung Card Golden-bell School Extracurricular Activity Mentor 2021-present

Skills & Proficiency



Express & NestJS

TypeORM & Sequelize

C, C++

HTML, CSS, React